The Saffron Book


"At last, a book on Hindutva written by someone who is knowledgeable, worldly, well-versed in western culture and fluent in English…a must-read for those who wish to understand the Hindu psyche."

- Francois Gautier, India Today

"The Saffron Book…echoes the BJP’s pre-NDA days fervour with gusto."

- Debashish Mukherji, The Week

"Provocative and eminently readable."

- M.V. Kamath, Organiser

"The aim of the author is to promote nationalism because it is the precondition of any collective mobilisation for modernising India."

- Christophe Jaffrelot, Outlook

"Goradia has much more to say than ask for the noses of Indian Muslims to be rubbed in the dirt of the past. His book deserves to be read."

- Khushwant Singh