The Saffron Book
Many Splendoured Hindutva

About The Book

Hindutva, an important but much misunderstood idea, has been written and spoken about often in bits and pieces. The Saffron Book cannot claim to be a comprehensive thesis but it certainly is an attempt to think through Hindutva, a concept which has not only a past and a present but also a future. With the demise of communism, the decline of socialism and the disappearance of Nehruvian secularism very much in sight, an ideological vacuum has emerged in India.

As you read on, you will find that the core of Hindutva is self-actualisation. Consequently, it is averse to the subjugation of others. If all the countries in the world could be influenced by a similar volition, surely the earth would be a more peaceful place. All in all, Hindutva is a many splendoured ideology. The book offers glimpses of this splendour.

The author believes that now on Hindutva will hold the ideological centre stage in Indian politics.

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