Hindu Masjids


Hindu MasjidsPrafull Goradia's bombshell book Hindu Masjids, is a study of Hindu temples converted into mosques from the medieval ages. According to him, praying in such edifices is like holding on to stolen property in full and continual public view.

- Balbir K. Punj, The Asian Age

This book is on Hindu temples that were deserted and converted into mosques. The best part of the book is the photographs.

- Bibek Debroy, The Financial Express

Hindu Masjids is photographic evidence of Muslim iconoclasm on Hindu-Jain-Buddhist temples summarily converted into mosques. This is certainly an antidote to the propaganda machinery which propagates that Muslims have never committed any wrong.

- Priyadarsi Dutta, The Pioneer

No book in recent times has brought out in such vivid - and well-researched-detail the havoc caused against Hindu temples in India by Islamic forces from ancient times right up to the twenty first century as Prafull Goradia's Hindu Masjids.

- M.V. Kamath, Organiser